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By far the most comfortable of all IC’s, this kayak is fast & fun.

  The 666 can be a true revelation to those who never surfed on a long boat before. It is a World Winner with the best paddler ever Edu Etxeberría and our W-Ambassador paddler Ainhoa Tolosa.

Pleasure or sin? You have to try it to know the answer...


Key Features: Lots of rocker for release, Sharp Rail hull for speed and turning, Much room for legs & feet,

Large cockpit for easy exit (keyhole), Comfort foam seat and backband, Adjustable foam Footrests, 2 Float bags, Cockpit cover, fin boxes Future system, Center fin US-Box system, 3 fins included (AÒ central fin).

However IC boats essence is surfing without fins, so take out the fins on your 666 ! ... friend tip ;)


LENGHT: 9’9” - 303 cm

WIDHT: 23.2” - 59 cm

DEPHT: 11.2” - 29 cm

COCKPIT: 33" X 18" / 83 cm X 45 cm (Keyhole)

PADDLER: 110 - 242 lbs / 50 kg - 110 kg

SIDE FINS: Future Fins System

CENTER FIN: Adjustable US Box System

CONSTRUCTIONS: Basic E (WEIGHT 11-12 Kg) / ShockTech E (WEIGHT 10 Kg) / AirTech E (WEIGHT 9 Kg)


Basic E


ShockTech E


AirTech E


TH-20090731-81 1024px.jpg
TH-20090731-73 1024px.jpg
TH-20090728-94 1024px.jpg
TH-20090728-90 1024px.jpg


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